Městský stadion, Karviná

Capacity7 000
Country Czech Republic
ClubsMFK Karviná
CategoryDesign outdated
CostCZK 500 mln
Design COPLAN Projekt
Design time 2009-2011


Městský stadion, Karviná – design description

The plan to completely rebuild Karvina’s municipal stadium was commissioned in 2009. Not long later the COPLAN architecture office released early renderings of a design that was later worked on for two years. It envisaged three brand new stands enveloped in a modern, elliptic outer shell.

The main grandstand was to be retained, though re-equipped to accommodate UEFA Category 3 media facilities, among other. A large commercial-administrative pavilion was to be build adjacent, providing skyboxes overviewing the entire stadium.

The entire project was expected to be built in 14-16 months, but the price proved too high. Estimated budget of CZK 500 million was beyond the municipality’s reach without external support. Despite attempts, no private partner was found and potential support from federal and European funds proved too low.

Initially thought to hold 7,000 people, the stadium was later downscaled to 6,000. But even below the price tag of 400 million it was still unfeasible. Ironically, it was granted planning permission already in 2009.



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