Nieuw Stadion FC Dordrecht

Capacity6 000
Country Netherlands
ClubsFC Dordrecht
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 12 mln
Wykonawca Ballast Nedam


Description: Nieuw Stadion FC Dordrecht

The new stadium in Dordrecht is expected to be the first ever entirely modular, but not temporary stadium. Though very simple in terms of aesthetics and function, it facilitates redevelopments, expansions and even allows dismantling and rebuilding in a different location.

At the same time the stands and infrastructure meet all necessary requirements. A promenade would surround the stands, assuring easy access to catering and sanitary infrastructure. The main grandstand is to have offices and commercial spaces with hospitality zone in place.

The proposal is fourth presented for Dordrecht in eight years.



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