Stadion Dinama (II)

Capacity40 000
Country Belarus
ClubsFK Dinamo Mińsk
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Avsyukevich & Sabetskaya
Design time 2013

Description: Stadion Dinama (II)

The vision was awarded 3rd prize in an international competition for Belarusian national stadium's redevelopment.

One of very few entries that plans on retaining both the running track and seating layout of the old stadium. Only a small portion of seating would be modified, while the most important point is the expressive red-green dome that would cover all stands. Additional infrastructure to meet all UEFA/FIFA regulations and accommodate corporate clients would be created at the main stand.

Historical colonnade, though retained, would be completely dominated by the new dome.


  • Stadion Dinama (II)
    2013 © Avsyukevich & Sabetskaya
  • Stadion Dinama (II)
    2013 © Avsyukevich & Sabetskaya

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