La Bombonera

Capacity78 000
Country Argentina
CityBuenos Aires
ClubsBoca Juniors
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design Carlos Navarro
Design time 2015-2019


La Bombonera – design description

Named simply Bombonera 360, the concept envisages creation of three continuous rings around the entire field, which explains the name. While it was initially presented in 2015, it only became official in December of 2019, once adopted by winning Boca Juniors presidential candidate Jorge Amor Ameal as the way forward.

To enable creation of a symmetric seating bowl, Boca Juniors would have to acquire two blocks east of the stadium, with buildings by some 100 individual owners. Half of the released space would be occupied by new facilities, the other half would serve as a gathering plaza on matchdays and public leisure space on other occasions.

Replacement of the current eastern pavilion by more regular stands would serve to increase capacity, a priority with Boca's growing number of socios. After conversion the stadium would leap from app. 50,000 to 78,000 capacity-wise.

However, in order to reach such high number, all of the lower tier would have to be terraced rather than seated, joining both stands behind goals. In other words, only two tiers on the west and east would have seats, which is where all of the corporate offer would also be.

To ensure comfort of both supporters and the nearby community, the stadium would receive significant roof over its stands. It would boost atmosphere while also limiting outer noise levels. Similarly, a brand new outer cladding would not just deliver a fresh image of the stadium but also insulate it in terms of noise pollution.



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