Kingsford Stadium

Capacity20 000
Country Scotland
ClubsAberdeen FC
CategoryDesign being implemented
Cost£50 mln
Construction03/07/2018 - ?
Design Holmes Miller


Kingsford Stadium – design description

The planned stadium in Kingsford (5km west of Aberdeen) is centerpiece to a much larger community and sports complex. Beside the matchday and training uses, the place would become a major hub for conference and social events in the area.

Main stadium is to hold around 20,000 people (detailed design to follow), joined in the east by six full-sized fields for training, as well as 1,300 parking spaces. The complex is planned along the A944 road, just off the new western bypass. Altogether 24.5 hectares are earmarked for the project.

Public consultation process began in July 2016 and, pending further developments, the entire complex was expected to be delivered by 2020. In the first phase only the training fields and necessary infrastructure were to be created with the stadium with 1,598 parking spaces to follow afterwards.

On June 3, 2018, the first phase of construction began, including the creation of a training centre. The complex was due to open on October 31, 2019 with Sir Alex Ferguson among others in attendance. The cost of building the resort was £12 million. The centre was named Cormack Park, after Dave Cormack, then vice chairman (later also chairman) and sponsor of Aberdeen FC.

The construction of the stadium itself, to be built next to the new training centre, has been delayed, greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. In early 2021, it was reported that a new stadium for The Dons would be built in the city centre, close to the beach and the existing facility, putting plans for a stadium at Kingsford in serious doubt.



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