Stadio Gigi Marulla

Capacity17 500
Country Italy
ClubsCosenza Calcio
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Construction2018 - 2020 ?
Design time 2016


Stadio Gigi Marulla – design description

New football-specific stadium in the Calabrian city of Cosenza is expected to replace the old Stadio San Vito – Gigi Marulla, built back in 1964. While significantly smaller in capacity terms (17,5000 compared to 24,000 before), the new one will offer covered seats to all spectators. Without a running track the viewing conditions for football will also improve significantly.

Though the seating bowl will remain ‘rectangular’, the stadium’s outer shape is circular. Or, to be more precise, it’s a disc with sharp and minimalistic design. By day neutral, it could be illuminated after dusk in various colours, like “rossoblu” (red-blue) of Cosenza Calcio. Surrounded by public plazas and ramps, the stadium will also have a three-storey underground parking hidden beside it.

Three floors of facilities are planned below the stands, providing space for restaurants or retail outlets, as well a sports medicine centre. One additional floor is planned just above the stands, giving all rooms an overview of the field. This is where private boxes and commentators will be located.



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