Stadion Čika Dača

Capacity19 660
Country Serbia
ClubsFK Radnički 1923 Kragujevac
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 70 mln
Design Pro-Ing
Design time 2020


Stadion Čika Dača – design description

When were plans to build a new stadium in Kragujevac announced?

A major upgrade of Čika Dača Stadium in Kragujevac was announced in August 2019, while plans to build a completely new facility on the site of the existing one were made public in June 2020 (the pitch of the new stadium will be slightly rotated, on a north-south axis, and shifted slightly to the north of the previous one). Unlike its predecessor, the new stadium will have a football-specific layout, without an athletics track.

When will the new stadium in Kragujevac be built?

The construction of the new stadium will be possible thanks to a government programme to subsidize investment in sports infrastructure. The local government will also contribute to the construction costs. Initial plans called for a cost of €40 million, but subsequent increases in the price of construction materials have changed the estimate to €70 million. Originally, construction was to be carried out between 2022 and 2024, but the start of work was later postponed until 2023.

The tender for the construction of the stadium was announced in July 2023 (it is worth mentioning that the local club FK Radnički 1923 celebrated its 100th anniversary this year). When the tender was announced, the construction cost was already estimated at 9.1 billion Serbian dinars (approximately €77.6 million). The winning company is to be given 3.5 years to complete the task. The selection of the contractor has been postponed several times and construction is likely to start in 2024. In the meantime, it has been reported that the cost will rise even further, to €95 million.

What will the new Čika Dača Stadium look like?

The design by the Pro-Ing studio envisages a new stadium with a rectangular, football-specific layout. Two-tier stands will surround the pitch on all sides and will be able to accommodate just under 20,000 spectators. The main stand, with VIP boxes and extensive backstage facilities, will be located on the eastern side. All stands will be fully covered. The facility will be equipped with artificial floodlighting.

The roof of the stadium will be made of a steel structure supported on reinforced concrete supports. The sheathing will be made of membrane. The zigzag form of the pillars will create an interesting, original façade.

The surroundings of the stadium will include training pitches. The administrative building next to the current stadium will also be preserved and renovated. A new commercial building will also be constructed next to the stadium. In connection with the removal of the running track of the old stadium, a new athletics facility will be built near the new arena.

Who will the new Čika Dača Stadium serve?

The stadium is expected to meet high standards for hosting international matches (UEFA Category 4) and will be one of the best in Serbia. The main users of the facility will be the players of FK Radnički 1923, and it is very likely that one of the strongest American football teams in the country, the Kragujevac Wild Boars, will also play their matches there.

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