Sportpark De Braak

Capacity4 500
Country Netherlands
ClubsHelmond Sport
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 55 mln
Design MoederscheimMoonen Architects, FaulknerBrowns Architects, CULD


Sportpark De Braak – design description

New home for Helmond Sport is expected to be delivered within the current location, at De Braak. This time it will be conjoined with secondary functions to cater for varying needs. In total a floor space of 11,000 m2 is expected.

Both long sides of the stadium will house the non-football uses. The west side is expected to comprise educational facilities, aside from Helmond Sport's offices. The opposite straight would see a sports hall attached, along with gyms and physiotherapy facilities. Two local amateur football teams would also benefit from the floor space.

The entirety was created with focus on pedestrian and bicycle connections, encouraging people to wander around and even on top. The east stand will have a green plinth accessible to everyone. Significant portion of the entire roof will be covered with grass to provide natural insulation and absorb rainwater, while protecting the complex from overheating.

The stadium's auditorium was planned for 4,500 people initially. In 2020 an alteration came, reducing the crowd size to 3,600 and with no stands behind goals. However, both capacity options foresee room for growth.



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