Gradski Stadion GFK Dubočica

Capacity8 136
Country Serbia
ClubsGRP Dubočica, GfK Lavice, Lemind 1953
CategoryDesign implemented
CostRSD 2.4 mld / bln
Construction2021 -2023
Design CEP d.o.o. - Synthesis Group
Design time 2019
Contractor GAT d.o.o. and others


Gradski Stadion GFK Dubočica – design description

Stadium is being built on the site of an old facility, the demolition of which started in March 2021. The construction of the ground with four single-tier stands covered with a roof was divided into three phases.

In the first phase, a stadium with parking lots is to be built. Then, in the second phase, sports and commercial facilities are planned north of the arena. In the third phase, administrative, educational and other areas will be created at the back of the eastern stand.

West stand will function as the main stand with three levels at the rear. On the lower one there will be, among others dressing rooms for players and referees. 7 entrances will be built on the middle level and on the upper level there will be media rooms and offices.

It is planned to create two scoreboards. LED floodlights will be placed on 4 columns located on the stadium's roof. In addition, the ground will have 198 parking spaces (128 open to the public, 32 for disabled, 38 for members of TV broadcast service). There will be 2 spots for buses.

The venue will occupy an area of just over 10,000 square metres. At this point, only the first phase of financing is secured, which amounts to RSD 2.4 billion and comes from public funds.

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