Lockhart Stadium

Capacity18 000
Country United States of America
CityFort Lauderdale
ClubsInter Miami
CategoryDesign implemented
Cost$60 mln
Construction08/2019 - 05/2020
Design Manica Architecture


Lockhart Stadium – design description

Unused since 2016, Lockhart Stadium is awaiting its new life. Proposal made by Miami Beckham United would see it torn down entirely and rebuilt in new configuration (rotated 90 degrees), once more supported almost entirely by steel.

Only the main double-tiered grandstand would offer extensive facilities, including two levels of hospitality areas overlooking the field. It would be connected with multi-level parking garage on the other side of the road, replacing the old Lockhart surface parking, which effectively ruined the area's appeal.

While three of four stands would be built on simple tubular supports, they're not meant to be temporary. The 18,000 capacity would first be needed to host two seasons of Inter Miami in MLS, then a permanent USL satellite team, as well as concerts and other events.

North of the stadium Inter's training academy would be set, replacing defunct baseball complex. It would offer 7 full-sized fields, while further 6 fields (3 full-sized and 3 small) would be spread around the area, in its south end or on top of the garages. Finally, an interesting park with restaurants would be set south of the stadium, opening the area up for the local community.



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