Al Anbar Stadium

Capacity31 056
Country Iraq
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostIQD 116 mld / bln
Construction2012 - 2014
Design Azaksu Mimarlik
Contractor Gürtaş İnşaat


Al Anbar Stadium – design description

Anbar, Iraq’s lar gest province only associated with fights in Fallujah, is going through regeneration. New sports infrastructure is part of the scheme. This stadium valued at $100 million will become centerpiece of a wider complex, including a secondary stadium and hotel.

Because football is Iraq’s most popular sport, the stadium has no running track, which is left only at the training ground nearby. With football-only layout the two-tiered stands offer very decent sightlines to all fans.

Since the very beginning the idea was to provide full cover of the audience and shaded but airy promenade around spectator areas. To provide the shade 66 membrane panels are to be placed around the stadium, forming an interesting façade effect and serving the purpose.



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