Charlotte MLS Stadium

Capacity20 000
Country United States of America
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost$ 175 mln
Design Manica Architecture


Charlotte MLS Stadium – design description

New MLS stadium could be built in the place of aged American Legion Memorial Stadium at CPCC campus. Just like the historical predecessor, it would have semi-open layout with only a small single tier in the north, while remaining three sides would have 3 tiers.

This would create an opening to watch Charlotte’s skyline, creating a nice visual impression by day and night. Initial study for the side was commissioned to HOK and Jenkins Peer Architects, but in the final MLS bid a new study from Manica Architecture was included.

The stadium’s budget, expected to reach $175 million, would be financed in half by the club’s ownership and in half by public authorities. The second batch would come from equal contributions by Mecklenburg county (future owner of the stadium) and city of Charlotte.



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