Nueva Romareda

Capacity42 500
Country Spain
ClubsReal Zaragoza
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Cost€ 140 M
Design IDOM


Nueva Romareda – design description

How did the plan to build the new La Romareda stadium emerge?

La Romareda Stadium was inaugurated in 1957 and, although it has undergone various modernisations over the years, it has still retained much of its original form. It was planned to be rebuilt for Euro 2004, but Portugal's bid to host the tournament won. In the years that followed, there were further proposals and designs, but none were realised. In addition to the redevelopment of La Romareda, the possibility of building a new stadium in a different location was also discussed.

Further reports on Real Zaragoza's stadium emerged in 2022, at which time the possibility of building the facility in another location was finally rejected and the city announced a competition for the long-term lease of La Romareda. The future tenant was also expected to submit a redevelopment plan for the stadium so that it could join the bidding process to host the 2030 World Cup. It was, of course, expected that Real would enter the tender.

Real Zaragoza hired renowned architectural firm IDOM to draw up plans for the new La Romareda. The office's portfolio includes work on the design of the new San Mamés or Camp Nou redevelopment. The first renderings of the new arena were made public on May 12, 2023.

What does the concept for the new La Romareda stadium entail?

The concept developed by IDOM calls for a completely new stadium to replace the existing La Romareda. The facility is to have a football-specific layout and will accommodate 42,500 spectators. The stands will surround the pitch on all sides and will be divided into two tiers, with additional narrow tiers along the pitch.

The facility will include premium seating and skyboxes, as well as wheelchair spaces. Two video screens will be suspended above the stands behind the goals. Inside the stands there will be usable areas, and the whole will be given a unified, coherent form.

Inspired by the cool northerly winds that blow in the area (the so-called cierzo), the designers have given the rectangular shape a somewhat dynamic character, using subtle reliefs and concaves. The building will be covered by a lightweight roof, which will shield not only all the seats in the auditorium, but also the viewing terrace surrounding the stands. The dominant colours in the stadium are to be Real Zaragoza's club colours, blue and white.

The stadium is to be equipped with the latest technology and follow sustainable concepts. The arena will be equipped to host top-level football competitions. In addition to football matches, it is also to host other events, both sporting and non-sporting. The facility is to become a new showcase not only for the club, but also for the city and the entire region.

When will the new La Romareda be built?

According to initial estimates, the project is expected to cost around €140 million to complete. The construction is to be financed exclusively with private funds. The work is expected to take place between 2024 and 2028 and will be carried out in stages so that Real Zaragoza can play their matches at the stadium at all times.



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