Stadion Polonii Warszawa (I)

Capacity15 500
Country Poland
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Open Architekci


Stadion Polonii Warszawa (I) – design description

The concept received the second prize during architectural competition for new sports and leisure complex of Polonia Warszawa. The jury's opinion can be found below:

The jury appreciates very good connection between the complex and its surroundings, achieved by adopting the right scale, proportion of all buildings and rhythm of the facades. All new volumes are of 15 meters in order not to dominate the fabric of Konwiktorska St. and Traugutt Park. Based on openwork structure, the roof respectfully and tactfully completes the historical building. The entirety, based on the east-west axis, was skillfully modelled in terms of landscaping.

The jury sees proposed functionality positively. Special attention is paid to the sunken playing field of the indoor arena, offering a view of the court from the plaza outside and cutting down the building's height. Likewise, locating facilities below ground level allowed for a reduction in floor space above ground.

Reaching the desired scale was achieved by relocating administrative function of the stadium to a separate building. However, location of the new volume impedes pedestrian traffic and exposure of Traugutt Park. Northern approach to the stadium was also limited, while the south end disables the creation of a living frontage along Konwiktorska St.



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