Stadio della Fiorentina

Capacity40 430
Country Italy
ClubsACF Fiorentina
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 420 mln
Construction2019 - 2021
Design Arup
Design time 2017


Stadio della Fiorentina – design description

Fiorentina’s new stadium is expected to stand within the current Mercafir market in north-eastern Florence. The site is close the airport, has a highway running through it and two existing passenger railway stations, which makes it the city’s most suitable plot for such large stadium.

The 40,000-seater will be at the heart of 48 hectares earmarked for the development. Along its primary football use, it will comprise a training centre, 200-bed hotel, 7.7 hectares of Fiorentina Village (commercial/office complex), 4.5 hectares of public parking and a well-landscaped plaza next to the stadium. Also, a new train station will be created within the plot.

The stadium itself will be simple, symmetric and elegant, as designed by Italian branch of world-famous Arup. Shiny metallic finishing and wavy shape of both the façade and stands should give a great impression inside and out. At night LED illumination will make the building come alive, also providing one of the first halos around the entire inner edge of the roof.

LED lighting will be used throughout the building to cut energy consumption and two other environment-friendly features are to be used: photovoltaic panels and rainwater collection system. Together with ancillary uses this should give the building the desired LEED Gold standard.

The stadium will bring a major shift in matchday experience, eliminating paper tickets and cash. Fans will be able to buy tickets, purchase merchandise and watch replays all with just their mobiles, thanks to the building’s fast internet connection.



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