Estadio El Sadar (II)

Capacity25 000
Country Spain
ClubsCA Osasuna
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 16 mln
Design AH Asociados
Engineer Calter, Obenasa


Estadio El Sadar (II) – design description

Under the misterious name of “Fortaleza Rojilla” (Red Fortress) stands the monumental concept of creating a more symmetric El Sadar, with four stands of equal height. Three additional upper tiers would join the existing and dominant south stand on each of three remaining sides.

In this layout corners would remain untouched, possibly left for further expansion in the future. Meanwhile the distinct new additions would become even more poignant by blue paintwork, the secondary colour of Osasuna.

Why not the primary red? Because this is reserved to new outer skin, to wrap the entire stadium around. Created by a complex isometric pattern of metallic scales, the cladding would provide shade to supporters, while also ensuring proper ventilation of the interior.

The proposed layout would see 18 rows added on top of all three expanded stands, all under translucent polycarbonate roof. This brings total capacity to 25,000, beyond the required 23,000. There is also commercial space on ground level provided, amounting to 1,500 m2 in initial layout, with potential to create additional 500 m2.



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