Las Vegas MLS Stadium

Capacity24 000
Country United States of America
CityLas Vegas
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 150-200 mln
Design time 2014


Las Vegas MLS Stadium – design description

The proposed stadium is a major part of Las Vegas’ attempt to get an MLS franchise, which would also become the city’s first professional sports team.

With the city’s harsh climate key aspect of the design is to provide optimum playing and watching conditions. The stadium located almost at the very heart of LV won’t have a solid, opaque external wrap, allowing natural ventilation. At the same time all stands will be covered from the sun and so will – on matchdays – be the field. Air-conditioning ducts will be installed every three rows, enabling temperature reduction by roughly 20 degrees (or 10°C).

However, in late August 2014 the investor (Findlay Sports & Entertainment) presented an updated deisgn. What changed is complete lack of retractable cover, despite cost estimations not budging.



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