National Stadium at Wynyard Point

Capacity55 000
Country New Zealand
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design W10, gmp


National Stadium at Wynyard Point – design description

When was the concept for the new stadium at Wynyard Point developed?

In October 2016, the concept for the new stadium at Wynyard Point waterfront in central Auckland was unveiled. The vision was created by architects from local studio W10, in collaboration with gmp.

What was the concept for the new stadium at Wynyard Point?

The facility would be built on the site of the oil terminal at Wynyard Point. The vision was to revitalise the whole area and create a new public space. The project also included a training pitch and tennis courts that would float on water.

The historic Percy Vos boatyard was to be preserved on Wynyard Point, as well as some fuel tanks, a reminder of the site's former industrial character. A skatepark was also planned, and artificial waves for surfers were to be created on the surrounding water area.

The stadium itself was to be given an oval, dynamic shape, with a membrane roof and wooden facade. The structure was to resemble a wooden ship, referring to the maritime traditions of the area. A sports museum was to be created inside the stadium. The capacity of the facility was assumed to be 30-40,000 spectators.

The design was another in a series of proposals (starting with the 2006 vision for Stadium New Zealand) for a new, representative stadium in Auckland to replace the old Eden Park. The concept as originally conceived was not realised.

Is there a chance that a modified vision for a stadium at Wynyard Point will be realised?

In September 2023, Auckland authorities attempted to resolve the city's long-running stadium dispute by inviting interested parties to submit their proposals for a new stadium. Among the four aspiring projects was a modified vision for a new stadium at Wynyard Point, this time with a capacity of 55,000 spectators.

The Wynyard Point stadium project competes with the Eden Park expansion concept (Eden Park 2.0 project), as well as two other visions for new stadiums in Auckland city centre (Te Tōangaroa Auckland Stadium and Auckland Waterfront Stadium).