Stadion Braci Gadajów

Capacity7 000
Country Poland
CityTomaszów Mazowiecki
CategoryDesign outdated
Design NOW Biuro Architektoniczne
Design time 2015


Stadion Braci Gadajów – design description

The vision of new municipal stadium in Tomaszów Mazowiecki (central Poland) foresees a dominant east stand and much lower terracing on other sides of the field. This was one of two analysed variants, the second one included only two stands along the field, both covered and of same size.

Selected version sets main grandstand capacity at 4,000 seats under a light roof. Ground floor, due to location along one of the town’s major streets, would incorporate commercial outlets for rent to help sustain the stadium. Limited parking space (70 cars and 4 buses) will be divided in a way to also provide easy parking for customers on non-matchdays.

Overall design was done by Lodz-based NOW Biuro Architektoniczne. One major change compared to current stadium (also with dominant east stand) will be the athletics facilities relocated outside the stadium in favour of a football-only layout. Instead, training facilities for athletes will consume current training field.

Detailed time frame for implementation isn’t clear at this point, because the town itself cannot afford to run the project. That’s why authorities hope to receive grants from the sports ministry (up to 50%) and the provincial government’s environmental funds.



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