Sultan Ibrahim Larkin Stadium

Capacity40 000
Country Malaysia
CityIskandar Puteri
ClubsJohor Darul Takzim
CategoryDesign implemented
CostMYR 200 mln
Construction2016 - 07.2018
Design time 2016


Sultan Ibrahim Larkin Stadium – design description

New stadium for the Malaysian team Johor Darul Takzim FC is planned in the western outskirts of Johor Bahru, in newly-created luxurious Iskandar Puteri district. The selected site offers great road access with two highways crossing nearby and a railway line just south of the future stadium. With these amenities, drawing up to 40,000 people seems possible even before the area is fully populated.

Under construction just a few kilometers from Singapore, the stadium was initially announced as much bigger, in excess of 50,000 seats, but its eventual capacity is expected to be within the 35,000 – 40,000 range, depending on final seating layout.

Majority of viewers will be spread across a continuous lower tier while the upper stands will be largest in the east and west, minimized to just a few rows behind each goal. This way the roof may be lower in the south, ensuring better sunlight access.

Though the seating bowl is football-specific, the roof and façades will be elliptic. That means some spectators will not be covered (front rows). The open dome’s steel structure will be covered with aluminum panels while the fans will be sheltered by almost transparent membrane (60-80% transparency).

Enabling works were launched in 2016, allowing first foundations to be laid by year end. Initially planned for opening in early 2018 (ahead of the 2018 season), the stadium is now expected to open in mid-2018.



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