Boston Olympic Stadium

Capacity60 000
Country United States of America
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 176 mln ?
Construction2023-2024 ?
Design time 2015


Boston Olympic Stadium – design description

The plan foresees locating potential 2024 Olympics Main Stadium in Midtown, an area south of downtown Boston. The stadium would be fitted between highway and railway hub. It should have its northern end open to visually connect with remaining Olympic facilities and the downtown.

If delivered in proposed form, the stadium would become the world’s first fully demountable Olympic stadium. The structure is expected to be simple, possible to assemble in as little as 12 months. Maximum time suggested by the Boston 2024 bid is 18 months.

Its cost is also expected to be a modest one, or at least the direct construction expense. Erecting the planned infrastructure would consume $176 million, less than any Olympic stadium in this century.

However, associated cost is a huge burden. Land acquisition from local authorities and food market operators would cost $285 million, while site clearance and preparatory work is estimated at as much as $640 million. All in all, together with conversion to residential/commercial zones in legacy mode, the stadium-related cost would be even $1.2 billion.



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