Xuchang Sports Exhibition Center Stadium

Capacity32 398
Country People's Republic of China
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostCNY 3.45 B ($481 M)
Design CCDI, Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.
Contractor China Construction Seventh Bureau


Xuchang Sports Exhibition Center Stadium – design description

When did the project to build a new sports complex in Xuchang start?

A new sports complex in Xuchang was planned for the northern suburbs, in the Jian'an district. The first concept was created by CCDI, and the complex was to include a large stadium as well as a sports hall, training hall, indoor swimming pool and sports school. Implementation of the plan was to cost 2.393 billion yuan.

Even before work began, the existing low-rise buildings in the area were demolished. Construction officially started on September 8, 2017 and the stadium was supposed to be ready as early as 2020. However, after preparatory work, the project was put on hold.

What changes have taken place in the concept for the new sports complex in Xuchang?

The plot of land on which the complex was to be built was reduced in size and a new concept prepared by Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. was chosen for the project, in which the stadium remained unchanged, while the other facilities were concentrated in one place to form one large building, divided into four sections.

When will the new stadium in Xuchang be built?

A coverage of the construction of the new stadium in Xuchang can be seen on a separate subpage

The actual construction of the stadium started on May 10, 2020 and the four-part building on April 20, 2021. The stadium should be ready by the end of 2023. The construction cost of the entire complex has risen to 3.45 billion yuan. The contractor is the China Construction Seventh Bureau.

What will the Xuchang Sports Exhibition Center look like?

The new complex will consist of two main parts. The western one will house the main stadium along with a training facility with a running track, while the eastern one will be home to an extensive building divided into four sections, housing a sports hall for 8,000 spectators, an indoor swimming pool with an auditorium for 1,500 people, a fitness center and a sports management center. The surroundings will be complemented by green areas, paths and landscaping.

On a symbolic level, the complex is intended to reflect the theme of 'rain and dew watering the lotus city'. The stadium imitates a flower, while the building in the eastern part of the complex resembles four lotus leaves.

What will the main stadium of the Xuchang Sports Exhibition Center be like?

The stadium of the complex will have an athletics track surrounded by two rings of stands with 32,398 seats for spectators. The roof and façade will form a steel structure formed into 18 segments designed to mimic the petals of a lotus flower. The venue will be suitable for major sporting and cultural events of national stature.