City of Liverpool Stadium

Capacity5 000
Country England
ClubsCity of Liverpool FC
CategoryDesign outdated
Design Studio RBA


City of Liverpool Stadium – design description

First ever private stadium for City Of Liverpool FC would stand where the Fazakerley playing fields used to be. Though the land is just outside Liverpool's administrative boarder, it remains within the city's jurisdiction. And the city of Liverpool have in 2018 engaged in negotiation with COLFC over a long-term lease of the land.

The club's proposal would see a main stadium, full-size training field and as many as six 5-a-side fields daily use. Owned by the club and its supporters, the complex would be seen as an asset for the community, open for all.

The main stadium itself would be designed for 3,000 people with majority standing, but with option to become even a 5,000-seater, should demand warrant it. Club offices and the main grandstand might be built in the east rather than traditional west.

Because the club has a stadium lease in Bootle running until 2021, the relocation shouldn't be expected to take place before that date.



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