Malšovicka Aréna

Capacity8 000
Country Czech Republic
CityHradec Králové
ClubsFC Hradec Králové
CategoryDesign implemented
CostCZK 568 mln
Construction2021 - 2023
Design Tomáš Vymetálek Architects
Design time 2016 / 2020
Contractor Strabag, Geosan Group, D&D Elektromont


Malšovicka Aréna – design description

It’s already the third concept for a new football stadium in the Malšovice district, an evolution of the second one from 2015. It also foresees the preservation of four legendary floodlight masts, called the lollipops (lizatky) – each 55 meters tall.

The stadium would be built between them and one of the key points is delivery in phases to allow constant use by FC Hradec Kralove. Built from scratch, the stands will offer over 9,000 covered seats eventually (upon opening the size is expected to reach 8,000, just enough for UEFA Category 4), some 550 of which for corporate clients.

Compared to the 2015 vision it will see slightly lower volume of the main building, but in turn a much more decorative outer wrap. Along with design changes, the stadium's budget grew significantly, from CZK 380 million to the contractual agreement of 568 million in 2021.



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