Stadion Georgi Asparuhov

Capacity28 000
Country Bulgaria
CategoryDesign being implemented
Construction2013 - ?
Design time 2012
Contractor Glavbolgarstroi


Stadion Georgi Asparuhov – design description

The stadium is to be built in three phases. First the west and south stands are to be rebuilt until May 2014. Then eastern stand goes through similar works (until 2015) and last one to be rebuilt anew is the northern curve – should be ready in 2017.

Capacity was announced to stand at 28,000 people, making the venue similar in size to its predecessor. Skyboxes are to be found on both sides of the pitch, with ends being left for regular fans only. Not all sections of the crowd are to be covered – corner stands and first rows of each stand will have no roof.

Between 2013 and 2016, the western part of the stadium was rebuilt with a new main stand, but without the planned roof and facade. Further work is currently not being carried out due to lack of funding.



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