Stadionul Steaua

Capacity30 500
Country Romania
ClubsCSA Steaua
CategoryDesign outdated
CostRON 301.77 mln
Construction2018 - 2020
Design Lucian Simion Arhitectura


Stadionul Steaua – design description

Though planned in the place of current Ghencea, this stadium would have nothing in common with its predecessor, aside from football-specific layout and capacity of 30,000+ seats. The existing stadium would be razed and replaced by a star-shaped arena, fitting the symbol of Steaua (The Star).

Inside, a double-tier seating layout with 30,500 regulr seats is planned, including 150 wheelchair positions (+150 companion seats) and additional 150 seats for people with other disabilities (+78 companion seats), an extensive premium zone in the west including a sky bar.

Altogether 70,000 square meters of floor space are planned, including 1,070 m2 for club museum, 900 m2 for commercial spaces, as well as 24 rooms for athletes and all the facilities required by UEFA to receive Category 4.



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