Ammo Baba Stadium

Capacity31 200
Country Iraq
CategoryDesign being implemented
Construction30/12/2012 – ?
Design TriArena
Design time 2011


Ammo Baba Stadium – design description

The sports complex is formally located in Baghdad, but practically 25 hectares have been earmarked outside the city itself, just across the road from Bub Al-Sham. That road however is the main route between Baghdad and the north of Iraq, so it's certain to be part of the capital soon.

Here three stadiums are planned: the main one with football-specific layout for over 31,000 people, secondary athletic one for 2,000 and small football training stadium with 500 seats. Beside them 2,900 parking places are expected and a 4-star hotel with 500 rooms.

Winning design was announced back in 2011. The Spanish concept by TriArena was under construction already in late 2012 and was hoped to be done within a short frame of 20 months. However, political and economic instability in Iraq slowed the project down and eventually led to it being abandoned in late 2014. It wasn't until early 2017 that continuation was agreed.

First construction contract was signed with a budget of IQD 116 million but, especially after the currency collapsed, this proved highly insufficient. That's why further $14 million was approved to be paid by 2018.

In early 2017 the stadium was given the name of Ammo Baba, famous Iraqi player and manager from the 20th century.

When work resumed in 2017, the steel skeleton to support the entire structure was largely completed, and some of the concrete grandstand steps were laid. Work was then stopped once again and restarted in July 2022.



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