Nou Camp Nou (III)

Capacity105 000
Country Spain
ClubsFC Barcelona
CategoryDesign outdated
Design IDOM, BIG, BAAS Arquitectes
Design time 2016


Nou Camp Nou (III) – design description

Simple ideas creating a stunning effect – this is how you might describe it in short. Existing Camp Nou structure would be respected fully, even visibly in the seating bowl (added sections cut off from the current ones).

The current concrete structure would see addition of cascading staircases. Not only improving crowd circulation, these would also be an aesthetic feature, spiraling to the top of a 105,000-capacity stadium. On top of all this a light veil of vertical lamellas would cover the stadium, both forming an iconic outer form and allowing overview of the stadium’s main structure behind it. Depending on point of view, pedestrians would have a completely different experience of the stadium.

This vision by IDOM (Spain), BIG (Denmark/USA) and BAAS (Catalonia) gained recognition during the official international competition, reaching the final shortlist. However the winning bid came from Nikken Sekkei and Joan Pascual i Ramon Ausió Arquitectes.



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