Arktisk Stadion

Capacity2 000
Country Greenland
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design Bjarke Ingels Group


Arktisk Stadion – design description

New national stadium of Greenland will be built in Nuuk, just beside local fjords. Due to the island’s harsh climate it will be entirely covered and weather-proofed. It’s expected to give a semi-open feeling though, because no outer walls are planned, just glass.

This will not only allow pedestrians to see through the building but also offer a great view to fans, with the fjord’s waters just behind the southern opening.

All spectator areas will be accumulated along the north side, where a grandstand of 10+ rows is planned. Accessible from street level, the stand will be entirely hidden from view of people outside the stadium.

Its roof is the landmark feature. A self-supporting wooden dome will gently descend towards the water (south) and touch the ground only in the corners, making it very lightweight visually. When covered with snow, it should smoothly blend with the surrounding landscape despite being one of the largest buildings in town (footprint of 14,600 m2).



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