Letní stadion

Capacity5 000
Country Czech Republic
ClubsFK Pardubice
CategoryDesign implemented
CostCZK 500 mln
Construction2019 - 2021
Design JIKA - CZ s.r.o.


Letní stadion – design description

In the future Stadion Letní will become a football-specific one, even though both grandstands from 1931 are to be retained as historical monuments.

The main western one will provide bulk of the facilities needed to meet domestic and basic international criteria, but some alterations are planned. There will be new front rows created where the old cycling track used to be, while the football field will be moved towards the grandstand, onto what used to be the running track.

All three remaining sides will receive continuous but small stands, enabling final capacity to reach 5,000. Initial plan suggested much more modest alterations and only partly covered auditorium. Outside there’s room for four lighting masts, 500 new parking places and a training field behind the north end.

Interestingly, the old east grandstand will remain outside of the more compact stadium, becoming a lasting evidence of how spacious it used to be.



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