Allianz Stadium

Capacity44 000
Country Australia
ClubsSydney Roosters RLC, New South Wales War
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$AU 250 mln
Design time 2014


Allianz Stadium – design description

Built in 1988, the stadium will retain vast majority of its initial structure, but is hoped to undergo a massive upgrade in terms of equipment. For a total of up to $250 million it will receive a permanent and transparent roof over the field, digital facades, new corporate facilities, superfast Wi-Fi and other improvements.

First works should cover the Internet access and is expected to cost $13 million. It should commence in 2014 and end by March 2015.

Funding should be secured by the New South Wales programme of developing sports stadiums in the state. As some argue, this would be the first public spending on this stadium in history, as it was built with private resources.



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