Tsentralnyj Stadion

Capacity35 696
Country Russia
ClubsFK Ural
CategoryDesign being implemented
Tournament World Cup 2018
CostRUB 12.7 mld / bn
Construction2015 - 2017
Design ABD Architect, PI Arena
Design time 2014
Contractor Sinara Development

Description: Tsentralnyj Stadion

The plan foresees building a new stadium within the historical bowl. This was enabled by FIFA’s minimum capacity reduction from 40,000 to 35,000 net. Most of the spectators would be seated along the sides, on double-tiered stands. Sections behind goals would be dominantly temporary, allowing for legacy-mode reduction to under 25,000.

The concept includes adding glass as a nearly-neutral backdrop to the historical facades, but both the aesthetics and functionality of the proposal were met with mixed reactions.    


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