Kyoto Kameoka Stadium

Capacity25 000
Country Japan
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
Design time 2015

Description: Kyoto Kameoka Stadium

Plans of a new, representative stadium for Japan’s former capital date back to before the 2002 World Cup, but haven’t been implemented as of yet. The latest one, though contemplated for a solid couple years now, envisions construction not only outside Kyoto itself, but even outside of Kameoka (just west of Kyoto).

Why the location? Because the proposed site is within a short walk (250 m) from a capacity railway station and land value is low enough to make the project feasible. Stands for 20,000 – 25,000 people would be built on 12.8 hectares of partly wet land.

Contrary to previous stadium design trends in Japan, this venue would be football-specific, with fans placed as close to the field as 8 meters (11 behind goals).


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