Noul stadion Dinamo

Capacity25 059
Country Romania
ClubsDinamo București
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostRON 700 M ($148 M)


Noul stadion Dinamo – design description

What does Dinamo Bucharest's current stadium look like?

Dinamo Bucharest was founded in 1948 as a club under the aegis of the Ministry of the Interior. In 1951, the Dinamo Stadium was opened. The facility added plastic seats and floodlighting at the turn of the 20th century. Over time, however, its condition began to deteriorate noticeably, departing from contemporary standards.

When were the plans to build a new stadium for Dinamo Bucharest conceived?

Since the 1990s, Dinamo officials had been promising to build a new stadium. However, subsequent promises remained unfulfilled. The breakthrough was only to come in connection with Euro 2020, as Arena Națională in Bucharest became one of the venues for this event, which was organised by a number of UEFA countries.

In the course of preparing the training facilities, it was decided to build four new stadiums in Bucharest. Three of them were to be given to the most deserving clubs from the Romanian capital – Steaua, Rapid and just Dinamo. The fourth (Stadionul Arcul de Triumf) was planned mainly for rugby competitions.

How did the project to build Dinamo Bucharest's new stadium progress?

The investment was to be carried out by Compania Națională de Investiții (CNI). Three of the four new stadiums were successfully built, albeit with slight delays. The construction of the new Dinamo stadium, however, encountered much bigger problems.

The facility was to be built to replace its predecessor. In 2016, an architectural concept for the new Dinamo stadium was presented. However, the complicated ownership situation prompted consideration of a change of location. The new plan was to build on the site of the nearby cycling track. However, protracted procedures meant that the project did not get off the ground. Eventually, the idea of building on the site of the old stadium was revisited.

When was the latest concept for Dinamo Bucharest's stadium conceived?

On May 16, 2023, at the Ateneum in Bucharest, on the occasion of the club's 75th anniversary celebrations, Minister of the Interior Lucian Bode presented a new concept for Dinamo's stadium.

According to the announcements, demolition of the old facility was due to start in September 2023 and the new stadium should be inaugurated in 2026. However, protracted procedures meant that the project once again did not get off the ground on schedule, although it nevertheless looks very likely to go ahead. The cost of construction is estimated at more than 700 million lei.

What does the latest Dinamo Bucharest stadium concept envisage?

The new stadium will have a capacity of 25,059 spectators and the stands will be fully covered. The facility is to have a football-specific layout and comply with UEFA Category 4 requirements. As Dinamo is a multi-section club, the building's facilities are also to include rooms for boxers, weightlifters, judokas, fencers, wrestlers or athletes.

Among other things, the stadium will be equipped with four changing rooms, function rooms, skyboxes and premium seating, a press box, hospitality space, wheelchair spaces, as well as kiosks and restaurants. Part of the project is to include a museum, a hotel, as well as a helipad to serve the nearby hospital on a day-to-day basis.