Arena Națională (Stadionul Naţional)

Capacity55 634
3600 (VIP/Bussiness seats)
364 (Press seats)
40 (Disabled seats)
Country Romania
ClubsFC Steaua București
Inauguration 06/09/2011 (Romania - France)
Construction 20/02/2008 - 08/2011
Record attendance 53,329 (Romania - the Netherlands, 16/10/2012)
Cost € 234 million
Design GMP Architekten, SBP
Contractor Max Boegl, Astaldi
Address Bd. Basarabia nr 37-38, Bucureşti


Stadionul Naţional – stadium description

New national stadium of Romania was erected in the same spot the historical stadium used to stand in, partly on the remaining mounds of the predecessor. Winners of the tender to design and build it were the German Max Boegl and Italian Astaldi, who launched a joint bid. The architects who worked with them were GMP Architekten responsible for several similar projects in other countries. Construction started in 2008 and ended with slight delay in mid-2011. costs of €234 mln were shared between the municipality of Bucharest and Romanian government.

The ground has double-tiered seating for over 55,000 people. Above the fans a light membrane canopy was created with central part – over the pitch – retractable. In the exterior tall concrete columns dominate the image, giving a distinctive rhythm to the arena.

First game ever played in the arena was a Euro 2012 qualifier against France. However, despite early doubts as to future use, the calendar of football game was soon full with Steaua bringing their most important games to the ground and all Romanian clubs playing in European competitions also switching venues for the country’s largest stadium. To add to that, the national team, national cup final and the most prestigious event to date – the 2012 Europa League final.



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