Štadión DAC

Capacity12 152
Country Slovakia
CityDunajská Streda
ClubsFC DAC 1904
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 12.5 mln
Construction03.2016 - 2018
Design Adif Dunajská Streda
Design time 2014


Štadión DAC – design description

New stadium in Dunajska Streda will be built in the place of the current structure, but its field will be rotated by 90 degrees. Eventually a 16-meter tall building will envelope four individual stands able to hold 12,152 seated fans. Corners will be left empty, partly occupied by floodlight masts.

The development will be phased in order to allow constant use throughout the works. First the northern curve will be demolished, replaced by a new grandstand. Only when this part is ready, the field will be rotated and moved closer to the new stand, allowing for erection of a similar grandstand on the opposite side. These two will take just over a year to build and at that point only the two ends will be left, both planned as separate phases.

The project is scheduled to end in 2018 and will be Slovakia’s third largest stadium. With €12.5 million, the investment seems like good value for money. Only a fifth of the price will be paid by public authorities (Slovak government), while 80% will come from majority shareholder of the club, Oszkár Világi.



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