ANZ Stadium

Capacity70 000
Country Australia
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 810 mln
Construction06/2020 - 03/2023
Design Cox Architecture


ANZ Stadium – design description

Complete redevelopment of ANZ Stadium includes tearing down of two lower tiers of seating, created back in the days of 2000 Olympics. This would mean both grandstands behind goals and a total of 5 floors of facilities along the sides.

The gaping hole would then be filled by brand new seating, still with two tiers but far more compact and steeper than before. All in order to provide better sightlines for fans of football and rugby. Along the sides the front row will move towards the field by 5m, while behind goals the distance would be decreased by some 18 meters.

Because the seating is more robust and most distant upper seats are to be dismantled, the auditorium will be scaled down from 85,000 to 70,000. All seats would be protected thanks to significant roof extension. Still based on two main arches, it would be covered with translucent membrane, under which small trees would be planted on each end of the stadium.

The entire stadium is to be re-equipped, from spectator facilities to landscaping and a light aluminium facade on each end. While fans may celebrate higher comfort, for taxpayers the bill is significantly more friendly than the initial idea of a brand new stadium, which would have cost $1.3 billion instead of the projected $810m.



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