Nuevo Estadio de Marbella

Capacity18 000
Country Spain
ClubsMarbella FC
CategoryDesign outdated
Design time 2020


Nuevo Estadio de Marbella – design description

New stadium in Marbella would sit almost where the current Estadio Antonio Lorenzo Cuevas does, though not exactly. It would be moved over 50 meters east, partly taking its current location and partly the nearby training ground and connecting street. The move would free up precious space along the representative Travesía Huerta los Cristales, leading to nearby beaches.

The now-available space would be taken up by a pavilion with hotel and commercial spaces, the aesthetics of which would be balancing between a multi-deck liner and a yacht, also determining the maritime theme of the entire stadium. While allowing for a modern and elegant design, this theme is clearly rooted in Marbella's (and Costa del Sol overall) traditions.

Relocation of the stadium would require the demolition of one street, which would then be replaced by a new connector, directly beside the new stadium's west stand. It would offer comfortable access for players, VIPs and users of the stadium's underground parking, which would house as many as 2,000 cars (due to lack of space at the heart of Marbella, ground-level parking isn't an option).

The stadium could be described as a boutique one. While its total capacity would be roughly 18,000, it would offer extensive VIP and corporate hospitality facilities, spread across 4,600 m2 (of which the presidential suite alone would take 1,000 m2!). While the presidential one would sit in the west, private boxes would create a continuous ring around the stadium, a sight unseed for a stadium of such small scale.

Underlining its exclusive and modern status, the stadium would also have a retractable roof. This feature has never before been used at a stadium of such small scale. In Marbella it would allow the venue to become home to concerts all year round, limiting noise and light pollution for those living nearby.



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