Stadion OSiR w Zamościu

Capacity1 760
Country Poland
ClubsHetman Zamość
CategoryDesign being implemented
CostPLN 58 M
Contractor BUDMAT, InterHall


Stadion OSiR w Zamościu – design description

On May 30, 2022, it was announced that Zamość had been awarded funding under the government's Polski Ład (Polish Deal) fund for, among other things, the redevelopment of stadion Ośrodka Sportu i Rekreacji (Sports and Leisure Centre stadium). The estimated cost of the modernisation of the facility is around PLN 45 million, of which the funding will amount to PLN 32 million, with the rest to be provided by the municipality. Initial renderings showing the redevelopment concept were published in early June.

The new concept is completely different from the previous one, presented at the beginning of January 2021. From the images shown, it can be concluded that a complete reconstruction of Zamość stadium is planned. The existing stands, based on earth banks and stretching around the entire running track, are to be demolished. The project involves the rearrangement of the entire stadium complex.

The arena will receive a new football pitch and an eight-track athletics track. There will also be a new referee tower, ticket offices, toilets and other associated facilities. There are also plans to rebuild the training pitch.

Completely new stands will be built around the running track. According to the initially presented vision, they will consist of six separate modules. On one side, a long covered stand will be built, stretching along the entire pitch. On the opposite side, the stands will be divided into three sections, the central section of which will have a slightly different appeal from the others and will be the only one not fully covered. On this side, at the beginning of the arches, the last two stands modules will also be built. The remaining, larger part of the arches, on the other hand, will remain open, with no seats for spectators.