Nieuw Nationaal Stadion (III)

Capacity62 613
Country Belgium
ClubsRSC Anderlecht
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 314 mln
Design Estudio Lamela
Contractor Denys


Nieuw Nationaal Stadion (III) – design description

The concept is one of three bids for the design, construction and operation of Belgium’s new national stadium. The ground’s capacity has been pre-set at 62,613 seats and its site is located in northern Brussels, at Parking C near the current national stadium.

Selection of the preferred bidder is due in early 2015. Construction will follow in 2016 and within under 3 years (in 2018) the stadium will be delivered, timely ahead of Euro 2020. RSC Anderlecht and the national team will provide week-to-week use.

Concept introduced by Estudio Lamela envisages a stadium covered in thin vertical beleens, making it seem taller and lighter. Parts of the façade are covered in what seems to be wood (yet to be confirmed), making it also seem more natural.

Stands will be divided into a rather conventional layout of two larger tiers of regular seating with a narrow strip of corporate seats in between. However, stands will be taller to the north and lower to the east, allowing more sunlight inside. The entire inner edge of the roof will be covered in one giant, panoramic screen.

This is the only of three bids not to include parking sites under the stadium’s raised podium. Instead the esplanade and its ground level will be used commercially, while all parkings are to be located in four large cylinders (5-level) along the northern bypass of Brussels.



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