Stadion Miejski w Koszalinie

Capacity8 000
Country Poland
ClubsGwardia, Bałtyk
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostPLN 120 M
Design Piotr Płaskowicki & Partnerzy Architekci


Stadion Miejski w Koszalinie – design description

Why does Koszalin need a new stadium?

Stadion im. Stanisława Figasa in Koszalin was opened in 1971, and before the Central Harvest Festival in 1975 the facility was further extended. Since then, no more major investments have been made there and the stadium has started to deteriorate over time. In 2017, after Gwardia Koszalin was promoted to the second league (third division)`, temporary stands were built on the running track to meet the minimum licensing requirements.

For a long time, there had been talk in Koszalin about modernising the outdated facility or building a new one to comply with the 21st century and the needs of the second largest city in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. A joint appeal was made by the chairmen of two Koszalin football clubs, Gwardia and Bałtyk, encouraging people to sign an online petition regarding the stadium. The idea was supported by the mayor of the city, Piotr Jedliński, who had already sought external funding for the modernisation.

How did the concept for a new Municipal Stadium in Koszalin come about?

In order to move forward with the project, the city authorities commissioned a preliminary architectural concept for the new stadium, which was prepared by studio Plaskowicki & Partners. A press conference was held on September 30, 2022, at which details of the concept were presented. The preliminary estimated cost of the investment is around PLN 120 million and the implementation of the design will most likely depend on the city's ability to obtain external funding.

What does the concept for the new Municipal Stadium in Koszalin entail?

The concept involves demolishing the earth embankments of the existing venue and building a virtually new facility in its place. The stadium will have a football layout, without an athletics track, and there will be two covered stands along the pitch, on both sides. The capacity of each stand will be approximately 3,400 spectators. Four floodlight masts will be erected behind the corners, and the space behind the goalposts will be used for car parking. Changes to the surroundings will include the construction of a skatepark.

The main stand will be built on the south-west side. It will contain VIP boxes, and in the sub-tribune there will also be offices, changing and storage facilities, conference rooms, a gym and a spa area. Underneath the second stand (on the Orląt Lwowskich Street side) will be technical rooms and storage areas, with optional additional office space. The seats on both stands will be in the colours of the city (white and blue).