Torfeld Süd

Capacity10 000
Country Switzerland
ClubsFC Aarau
CategoryDesign awaiting implementation
CostCHF 36 mln
Design Burkard Meyer Architekten
Design time 2008-2012
Contractor HRS Real Estate AG


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Description: Torfeld Süd

Construction of a new stadium in southern Torfeld is expected to become a major part of entire district’s revival. This industrial area is located in a very attractive part of Aarau, but has been residentially and commercially unused. Its transformation is expected to cost CHF 170 million, of which the stadium should consume 36 million.

The concept was delivered by Burkard Meyer. The architect is known for simple, minimalistic and harmonious designs and so it is with Torfeld Süd. The stadium is visually enclosed by a rectangular concrete frame with openwork colonnade showing the bright red stands. Likewise, floodlights also form a frame instead of single masts.

As the stadium’s blueprint is limited, a shopping mall and multi-storey car park is planned underneath, assuring sufficient parking capacity for everyday use. There is no room for open-space parking lots around with three sides being limited by existing or planned buildings, while the north end runs along railway lines with only a pedestrian bridge to north Torfeld planned.

First planning application was filed back in August 2012, but since then the scheme hasn’t seen groundbreaking.



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