North Queensland Stadium (I)

Capacity25 000
Country Australia
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost$ 250 mln
Design time 2014


North Queensland Stadium (I) – design description

Proposed new stadium in Townsville would serve as the main sports event venue for the entire North Queensland, thus the temporary name. In practice crucial tenancy would be held by rugby side Cowboys.

The building would be placed on largely abandoned industrial site at Monkey Island, just south of the city’s strict centre. It would be connected with more populated west bank of Ross Creek with three existing bridges and a new pedestrian bridge.

Financed largely (or entirely) publicly, the 25,000-capacity stadium already has $100 million pledged by the Queensland state authorities. However, to deliver the building, no less than $250 million is required. Additional funds would be required if a large indoor hall was to be added, offering over 5,000 seats indoors for other entertainment events.



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