Estadio El Sadar (V)

Capacity23 459
Country Spain
ClubsCA Osasuna
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 16 mln
Design TYM Asociados, DOA Arquitectura
Engineer Itursa, TPF-Euroestudios, Grupo Herce y Amenabar


Estadio El Sadar (V) – design description

The fifth entry in Osasuna's stadium expansion competition is named simply Sadar Berria, or New Sadar in Basque. It's not just new, it's futuristic thanks to the selected outer form. Existing and added sections are to be covered with an iconic, angular outer form created with triangular segments of aluminium and other materials, some translucent and others with mirror effect.

The monumental shape would begin at ground level, which begs the question: how do fans enter the stadium? Four large entries are planned in each corner, all resembling caves leading to a spacious atrium protecting fans from elements.

The auditorium will change significantly, because the project includes intervention in existing lower stands on three sides. Their layout would be simplified, the lower tier extended and 12 additional rows added on top. This way capacity exceeds 23,500, while crowd circulation and safety improves, also thanks to a new concourse being created.

Contrary to most of its competition, this concept includes only symbolic increase in commercial space, of some 300 m2. That said, there's room for quite unique idea of two pavilions hanging above two southern corners of the ground. These could serve as private boxes, studios or conference halls with stunning view of the stadium. On matchdays they would be incorporated into the roof, blending with the bold angular form.



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