Stadionul Olimpia

Capacity13 875
Country Romania
CitySatu Mare
CategoryDesign outdated
Cost€ 15.8 mln
Construction2016 - ?
Design Adrian Pop
Design time 2015
Address Strada Arenei, Satu Mare, Satu-Mare, 440073, Romania


Stadionul Olimpia – design description

The concept foresees complete reconstruction of the outdated Stadionul Olimpia in the north of Satu Mare (northern Romania). The building will retain its southern curve and east stand, though both are awaiting thorough renovation.

The main grandstand in the west will be rebuilt entirely to hold 450 VIP and 150 press seats among other new infrastructure. A brand new north end will also be built, this one not in a curved shape due to proximity of nearby road. Such solution will force removal of the small running track around the field.

With new capacity of almost 13,900 people, the stadium will cost € 15.8 million. Funds are expected to be secured from Romania’s Development Ministry and National Investment Company. Reconstruction should start after the 2015/16 season.  



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