Mâs Monumental

Updated: 17.01.2023

Target capacity84 567
Capacity before works72 054
Country Argentina
CityBuenos Aires
ClubsCA River Plate
CategoryConstruction in progress
Construction 03.2022 – 07.2024
Cost $ 45 mln
Design IDOM


Mâs Monumental – construction description

How did the redevelopment of CA River Plate's stadium happen?

The redevelopment of El Monumental, Argentina's largest stadium, where one of Argentina's most distinguished and successful clubs, CA River Plate, plays its home games, had been in the pipeline for some time. In 2010, a concept was created by Plarq Arquitetura, in 2011 the vision of the 'River Plate Forum' was presented, and in 2013 a project by Lier & Tonconogy Arquitectos. Each of the concepts involved the removal of the athletics track and the roofing of the stands, but none of them were realised, nor were the plans to build a new facility elsewhere.

When was the first work done on El Monumental?

The first definite step was only taken in August 2020, when, taking advantage of the break in play caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, demolition of the athletics track began. The work then included deepening the basin inside the stands and making a new drainage for the pitch, which was built 1.8 metres lower than the previous one and was fitted with a hybrid turf. Slightly inclined slopes were created between the old stands and the pitch, on which the new stands were not yet built at this stage, but only covered with temporary canvas. The work was completed in February 2021.

How is the redevelopment of Argentina's largest stadium progressing?

Construction of the new lower sections began on March 22, 2022. The first phase, which is due to be completed in February 2023, will see the construction of new stands on the north ('Sivori'), east ('San Martín') and south ('Centenario') sides. The scope of work will also include, among other things, the installation of new seating in the existing stands, the creation of new skyboxes, rooms, a tunnel for players, a sound system and car parks.

Once phase one of the construction work has been completed, the next stage is due to begin, during which a new lower level of stands on the west side (the so-called "Belgrano") will be built, and further upgrades will be carried out, including the installation of more seats on the old stands and the creation of additional parking spaces. Total completion of the redevelopment is planned for July 2024.

What is the redevelopment concept for the Mâs Monumental?

The redevelopment concept is much more modest than the ambitious visions presented at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. It does not involve roofing the auditorium or creating additional facilities around the stadium. The main idea is to build a new lower row of stands in place of the removed athletics track. Another important aspect is to increase the stadium's seating to standing room ratio from the current 55 to 45% to 79 to 21%.

The cost of the redevelopment is expected to be $45 million and the agreement signed in April 2022 to sell the stadium's naming rights, under which the venue is rebranded as Mâs Monumental, is expected to play an important role in securing the funding. Revenue generated from the pre-sale of  tickets is also expected to be an important source of funding. After the expansion, the stadium is expected to increase its capacity from 72,054 to 84,567 spectators, becoming the largest in all of South America.























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