Updated: 26.09.2017

Capacity20 000
Country Scotland
ClubsHert of Midlothian
CategoryConstruction completed
Construction 11/2016 - 08/2017
Cost £ 12 million
Design James Clydesdale & Associates
Design time 2016


Tynecastle – construction description

The plan for 130-year-old Tyncastle is to build the lacking fourth new stand, replacing the oldest existing stand, structure from 1919. With additional seating the stadium will be able to exceed 20,000 seats, reaching its final size for years to come. Expansion in the corners is not planned. The stand will come together with vast club building, which will house offices, megastore, ticket office and improved corporate facilities.

Construction was due to begin in late 2016 and preparations indeed had, but the symbolic launch came in February 2017 with the new roof's main truss being lifted to position, above the historic grandstand. Since then construction was carried out behind the old structure in order to allow its last season in operation.

After the 2016/17 season the stand was demolished and for the first time construction covered all of the project's footprint.



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