Stadion Żużlowy w Łodzi (Stadion Orła Łódź)

Updated: 01.08.2017

Target capacity10 350
Country Poland
ClubsOrzeł Łódź
CategoryConstruction in progress
Construction 19/04/2016 - 21/01/2018
Cost PLN 44 million
Design Koszt-Bud
Contractor Molewski


Description: Stadion Orła Łódź

The concept of new speedway racing stadium in Łódź was ordered in 2013 by KŻ Orzeł racing club. Expecting to receive public funding, the club presented the renderings in February 2014.

The new stadium is to replace outdated structures existing currently. However, it won't be built exactly in the place of its predecessor. Contrary to early plans that saw phased development at the very same spot, the new stadium will be built along dated landfill of the old one. This will enable hosting races at home throughout construction and at the same time delivering the new stadium in a more timely fashion.

Initially the stadium's delivery was expected in September of 2017. However, the project later got rescheduled to see opening in January of 2018, before new speedway season.