Stadion Wisły Płock

Updated: 14.11.2020

Target capacity15 000
Country Poland
CategoryConstruction in progress
Cost PLN 166,5 mln
Construction 2020 - 2022
Design Perbo-Inwestycje
Contractor Mirbud SA


Description: Stadion Wisły Płock

The new stadium in Płock is being delivered as a design+build project, which means contract signing on Nov 29, 2019, was not equal to groundbreaking. Rather, for most of the first year, design work was scheduled to take place, thankfully not significantly impacted by COVID-19 issues. Demolition of first parts of the old stadium was moved to second half of 2020.

Once the 2019/20 Ekstraklasa season concluded, demolition of the east 'crescent' began, soon followed by dismantling of the north-western away section. Only part of the main stand, the field, floodlights and pavilion behind the south goal were left in order to ensure games can be played. This way construction can be phased without Wisła Płock being forced to relocate. As a result, the contract is longer than for regular construction, spanning 3 years.

Based loosely on the initial municipal concept by Bończa Studio, the vision prepared by Mirbud in the 'design+build' tender. It also foresees a stadium with a single, continuous tier of seating for some 15,000 people. The front row is elevated, awarding everyone a better overview of the field.

What sets the stadium apart from others is the creative use of blinds as outer cladding. They're horizontal on the west facade, vertical on the east and transitioning from one to the other behind goals. Thanks to this openwork form the stadium is naturally ventilated, while also offering some protection from the elements both inside and on the concourses.

Outer promenade around the stadium is accessible from ground level in the south, but requires the use of stairs in the north, owing this difference to natural land slope. But bulk of fans are expected to use the southern access, where a large plaza is planned.

The west side is the only grandstand to have extensive facilities attached, spread across 4 levels. These include two levels of hospitality – a large and semi-open business club and several private boxes above. On top of these rooms there's place for commentators boxes and command center for safety and security authorities.








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