Stadion Bruk-Bet (Stadion Termaliki Bruk-Bet Nieciecza)

Updated: 05.11.2015

Capacity before works2 262
Country Poland
ClubsTermalica Bruk-Bet Nieciecza
CategoryConstruction completed
Construction 05/2015 - 11/2015

Description: Stadion Bruk-Bet

Complete reconstruction of the stadium in Nieciecza (small village in Lesser Poland) began in May 2015, as the team secured its first ever promotion to the Ekstraklasa. It’s only the third club in Poland to finance such a big project privately and the very first to do so without funds from a large public-owned industrial complex (which was the case in Lubin and Bełchatów, both clubs financed by mining giants).

The plan foresees large expansion of the existing main grandstand along north side of the field. Old roof was removed and will be replaced after expansion. At the same time a new concrete and steel stand will be built on the south side, replacing former temporary seating sections. Final capacity is to be around 5,000 people as required by the Ekstraklasa. For the first time in history the stadium will also be equipped with floodlights and under-soil heating.







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